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Baby Bok Choy

Nayu Bok Choy
25 lbs.

As the name implies and translates from Cantonese bok means “white” and choy means “vegetable”. Baby bok choy is similar to the larger bok choy in that it yields dark green leaves and white stems; however, a closer look shows that the baby bok choy has much more crinkly leaves resulting in a crispier texture and is much shorter is stature. Baby bok choy is not bok choy harvested at a younger stage but a variety of its own. Please note the name baby bok choy is commonly used to describe Shanghai bok choy when ordering for the American market. The two, however, are in fact different varieties.

Chinese Mustard Green

Gai Choy
40 lbs.

Gai choy exhibits large, ruffled green leaves and broad, ribbed green stems. The taste is true to the mustard family having a peppery and somewhat bitter flavor which deepens and becomes more robust when cooked. Gai choy pairs very well with beef, chicken, and pork.

Small Chinese Mustard Green

30 lbs.

Small Chinese mustard green has wide green leaves and ribbed green stems. Smaller and more tender than the larger Chinese mustard green it is also milder in flavor.


40 lbs.

Kohlrabi is a plant related to cabbage and kale. The firm outer cover of the bulb yields to a white, tender, sweet flesh. The bulbs are approximately 3 inches in diameter, grow atop the soil, and are sold with or without the leaves attached.

Wawa Choy

25 lbs.

Wawa in Mandarin means “baby”. In this case it refers to the baby form of napa cabbage. Wawa cabbage exhibits white stalks with green outer leaves, is oblong in shape, and has a sweet flavor similar to napa cabbage. Unlike napa, wawa forms a looser head slightly exposing its top whereas napa is closed at the top and the head is tightly formed. Wawa can be used in place of napa cabbage in most recipes.

Baby Bok Choy Flower

Nayu Bok Choy Sum
25 lbs.

Baby bok choy flower is the flowering portion of the baby bok choy and is considered the most tender of the plant after maturity. The delicate yellow flowers of the bud are edible and desired. Use in stir frys, steam, or blanch for a health, tasty side dish.

All listed weights are net weights.

Bok Choy

30 lbs. / 45 lbs.

The literal translation from Cantonese is bok meaning “white” and choy meaning “vegetable”.  Bok choy has flared dark green leaves with white stalks that join at the base just above the roots.  Although the entire plant is edible, the leaves are the most tender and mild part of the plant.  The stalks are firm and succulent with sweet undertones.  Bok Choy is very versatile and compliments any meat, garlic, ginger, soy and sesame oil, tofu, citrus, noodles, or just used in soups.

Shanghai Bok Choy

25 lbs.

Shanghai bok choy is commonly referred to in the American markets as baby bok choy. In the Asian markets it is referred to as Shanghai choy. Unlike baby bok choy the Shanghai choy is entirely green having a light green stem and darker green leaves. Shanghai choy has become a favorite among many kitchens for its flavor, versatility, and health benefits. Please compare images prior to ordering to ensure proper product.

Lo Bok

40 lbs.

Lo bok radish is white in color approximately 11 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Lo bok is commonly referred to as daikon radish but the two are not the same. Although both are root vegetables the lo bok is much larger in diameter and spicier in flavor than the daikon yet more mild in flavor than the red radish.

Long Napa

40 lbs.

Chinese long napa is similar to standard napa with its light green leaves, white stalk, and sweet flavor. Much like napa, but unlike wawa, long napa has leaves that close up at the top forming a tight head. As the name implies, the long napa is lengthier than both the wawa choy and standard napa.

Winter Melon

Dong Gua
40 lbs.

Also known as “dong gua” in Cantonese. This large fruit bearing a green outer rind covered by a white, natural powder has a juicy inner flesh similar to that of squash. Much larger than a squash, however, a mature dong gua can weigh 20 pounds or more. The dong gua is traditionally and commonly used in soups.

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Chinese Broccoli

Gai Lan
25 lbs.

Gai lan has thick, glossy like stalks, and large dark green leaves. Although also known as Chinese broccoli, it does not produce a crown or florets like American broccoli. It has slightly more bitterness than American broccoli but the stalks of the two are very similar in taste. It is usually steamed and served with a drizzle of oyster sauce atop but is also used in stir frys if the stalks are first blanched. The green color greatly deepens after cooking thus presenting very well on any dinner plate.

Taiwanese Flat Cabbage

Flat Cabbage
45 lbs.

Taiwanese flat cabbage looks similar to green cabbage but is flat as the name implies. Flat cabbage is less dense than green cabbage with thinner, crispier leaves. The taste is much sweeter than green cabbage and holds firm during cooking. Taiwanese flat cabbage is great for coleslaw, cabbage rolls, sauerkraut, or just simply steamed. Taiwanese flat cabbage is an excellent substitute for green cabbage in any of your favorite recipes.


50 lbs.

Napa cabbage is probably the most well-known of all the Asian vegetables. It exhibits white stalks with beautiful green outer leaves.  As the leaves are peeled back entering deeper into the heart of the napa, the leaves turn more to a lighter, pale green color.  The napa is oblong in shape where its leaves wrap around closing off the top of the cabbage thus forming a tight head.  It has a sweet flavor and soft texture when cooked.  Napa is highly versatile in the kitchen where it is best used in soups, stir frys, coleslaws, eggrolls, Korean kimchi, or simply used raw in salads.

Yu Choy

25 lbs.

Yu choy consist of dark green leaves with delicate, lesser green stalk and stems. When harvested at the peak of maturity, yu choy is very tender; past maturity, the stalk and stems become more fibrous and less desirable. As a healthy side, yu choy can be steamed or blanched and drizzled with oyster sauce or soy and sesame oil. When stir fried, yu choy accompanies any meat, mushrooms, and garlic very well.

Cilantro with Root

18 lbs.

Cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley and coriander, have small green serrated edges that extend off a single stem which yields a very aromatic fragrance. The taste is described to be slightly tart with lemon/lime undertones. Cilantro is virtually used in every cuisine around the world. The entire plant is edible, including the roots.