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Choice Oriental Vegetables

Yee Farms had its humble beginning in the small town of Great Meadows, New Jersey in 1940.  Started by Yee Lung Kwong and his wife Yee Dong Shee along with their children Alice, Anna, George, and Thomas, they began growing Asian vegetables as their ancestors did for so many years before in their homeland of China.  Under the leadership of Lung Kwong, the family of six would begin what is known today as Yee Farms, Inc. 

The first purchase of land was on the higher elevation, mountainous, muck soils of Great Meadows.  The rich muck soil in this area was conducive for the growth of bok choy, napa, baby bok choy and the other various brassicas the family was growing.  However, due to the higher elevations, the seasons were shorter than surrounding areas as cooler weather would affect the crops sooner.  Knowing that product availability was integral to the long-term success of the farm, in 1965 the operation expanded to include warmer farmland in South Jersey thus lengthening the growing season.  Wanting to supply their produce in the winter months as well, Thomas and Nancy Yee made the courageous decision to expand the operation once again by moving to South Florida’s Boynton Beach area in 1974.  The proximity of the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean’s gulfstream to the east along with the Everglades to the west resulted in a warm pocket around the Boynton area that allowed for prime growing during the winter months.  Thomas and Nancy continue to farm in Palm Beach and Saint Lucie Counties with their two sons, Roland and Ethan, and daughters-in-law, Kristin and Amy.

Aerial view of Asian vegetables grown at Yee Farms in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Today, over 78 years after it all began, Yee Farms remains the trusted name in consistently delivering the safest and highest quality specialty Asian produce.  We feature a wide variety of Asian leaf such as bok choy, napa cabbage, baby bok choy, gai lan, and Taiwanese flat cabbage, just to name a few.  Yee Farms is GLOBALG.A.P. and PrimusGFS certified.  We know the safety and security of our food because we sow the seed, grow the crop, harvest the field, and ship the product.  We know our products because we grow our products.  Yee Farms provides honest and dependable customer service because we grow to understand our customer’s needs.  Food safety, quality, and customer service remain Yee Farms’ priority as we enter the fourth generation of providing your family with the finest Asian produce.

A field of napa, Fresh from Florida and Yee Farms
Yee Farms, Choice Oriental Vegetables, Fresh from Florida!
Yee Farms, Choice Oriental Vegetables, Fresh from Florida!